Mohammad Mehedi Hasan

General Manager (Project), e-CAB

BSc in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).
Current Job Responsibility and Experience:
1. Presently attached in the Digital polli (digital commerce village) piloting project organized by Business Promotion Council (BPC) and e-CAB
2. Organiging Training program funded by Ministry of Commerce.
3. Conducted LICT training.
4. E-Commerce Entrepreneurs training, Organized by WTO Cell, Mincom, funded by EIF, WTO
Work Experience:
1. Radio Communication Engineer and
Manager Operation
2. Attended Training Program in abroad (Germany and Singapore).
3. Conducted training program in Bangladesh as a Radio Communication trainer.
4. Also participated in Seminars and workshops.

Ibrahim Khalil

Advisor, Digital Polli

Ibrahim Khalil is the founder of Craftvision, one of the leading Jute goods producing organizations in Bangladesh. Craftvision produces and exports fine quality natural jute, cotton and canvas fabric bags with combination of different colors, styles and fashion.

Mr. Khalil is the Vice Chairman of Rural E-commerce at E- Commerce Association of Bangladesh (ECAB) and CEO of Alliance for Jute Advancement and Diversification. He also was the Former Secretary at Hifab International AB, Former Assistant Administrative Officer at Bangladesh Rural Development Board and Former Production Assistant at Sonar Cotton Mills (Bangladesh) Limited.

Ibrahim Khalil was born on December 21, 1966 in the village of Abirpara in Sonimuri upazila in Noakhali. In 1997, Mr. Khalil established a Jute products based company named Craftvision. In 2002, he went to London and stayed there for ten years. After coming back from UK, Mr. Khalil started his Jute movement again called পাটের জন্য ভালোবাসা or “Love for Jute”. Along with these he was entrepreneuring few other jute driving organization such as Alliance for Jute Advancement and Diversification in 2017.
His focus now is to travel throughout the country to revive the lost heritage of our jute industry. He is trying to inspire brand development activities in the jute industry by creating awareness among the young generation. He strongly believes that in order to revive jute exports, focusing on branding is essential. Because of the significance of his work in the jute industry, he was recently invited to share his life story and experiences at the show “Ranga Shokal” at Maasranga TV on May 22, 2019.

Mir Sahed Ali

Consultant, Digital Polli

Mr. Mir Sahed Ali was born in a bourgeois muslim family on 6 June, 1981 in the locality of Old Dhaka, but his hometown is in Manikganj District. He is the 4th and last child of Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali and Mrs. Sahida Begum (Late). His father Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali is a venerable, renowned and skillful photographer of our country and his mother used to be a homemaker. Mir Sahed Ali has been brown and brought up in a middle-class joint family of Old Dhaka, that helps to build him as a dreamer, challenge taker and being the most responsible person in every sphere of life.

Pleasant personality Mr. Mir Sahed Ali has completed his Bachelors in Accounting from Jagannath University. Before that he was a student of Tejgaon Govt. College and Nawabpur Govt High School. His Academic career could not go longer run because of taking family responsibilities but he never stopped learning and completing any professional and Leadership skill developing courses and program related to his career to pursue his dream.

Mir Sahed Ali is currently serving as the Managing Director of i-Mesh Ltd.

Mir Sahed Ali, is the name of a successful entrepreneur and a youth leader of the ICT Industry in Bangladesh. He evolved in IT,  e-Commerce, advertisement, tourism and construction business. He started his career by establishing i-Mesh back in 2006. Since then he has been working in diversified sector with his skills, effort and dedication to create more values in his professional and social life.

Business Achievements:

  • Founder & Managing Director, iMesh Limited (ICT Enable Service Provider Company)
  • Founder & Managing Director, iMaginative (Advertising Firm)Founder & Managing Director, (e-commerce site)
  • Managing Director, Pacific Protective Products (Personal Hygiene & Safety Equipment Provider)
  • Director, Triple S Trade link
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner: Pacific Constructions

Sahed is a soulful and promising social worker and a dynamic organizer. He is one of the founders of eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (eCAB). Currently he is serving as the chairman of “e-Business Accreditation and Award” standing Committee. He was actively involved with one of the leading international non profitable voluntary organization, JCI Bangladesh for last 7 years. He served several position in national board of JCI Bangladesh during this year and also Founder President of a local organization named JCI Dhaka Heritage and Rotary Club of Manikganj Synergy. The different roles in different organization from his career are written in a short summary in the following:

  • Founder member of eCAB
  • Chairman of “e-Business Accreditation and Award” standing Committee, eCAB.
  • Founder President of JCI Dhaka Heritage
  • Founder President of Rotary Club of Manikganj Synergy
  • National Board member of JCI Bangladesh consecutively 4 times.
  • Past National Treasure of Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF)
  • Executive Member of i-Foundation
  • One of the proud JCI Senator.
  • Achieved Rotarian PHF certification.

He is contributing a lot to the community and the society through these above mentioning position in different organizations and inspiring more young people of our nation.

Zahiduzzaman Syeed

Consultant, Digital Polli

Highly motivated, articulate, creative and versatile professional with several years of Newspaper professional experience and an entrepreneurial flair. Especially skilled to develop CSME, SME & Agropreneur. Strong business acumen & team player. I dream of an entrepreneur rich Bangladesh. I dream of contributing to the empowerment of women and increasing their capacity. Wish to involve 15 million agricultural families in Bangladesh in e-commerce management and their backyards will be one small business center each. E-commerce will tie the future Bangladesh in one thread. I am confident of moving forward with this belief.

Junaed Ahmed

Consultant, Digital Polli

Engr. Junaed Ahmed is currently working as a National Consultant at UNDP Bangladesh. Also Co-Founder & CEO of ePolli™ ( He is the Vice- Chairman of the Rural e-commerce Standing Committee of e-Cab (eCommerce Association of Bangladesh), and Consultant of Digital Polli, A combined initiative by BPC, Bangladesh Commerce Ministry, and eCAB. Junaed has been working in ICT and supply chain management has collaborated with various remittance and financial companies in international for nearly 16 years and to understand the significance of the service level of ICT supply chain experience. He has been involved with projecting International (UNDP, ARF, Life, Muslimehelfen) and National NGOs (NAF & Social Aid) throughout his career. He is currently working to develop family farming in the agricultural sector for smallholder farmers by combining IoT and cloud-based technologies to supply chain and production efficiency in the farm sector through rural e-commerce. Meanwhile, ePolli™ is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the Agri Tech sector and one of the very few companies providing end-to-end solutions and services to the Family Farming (Including all family-based agricultural activities) community in Bangladesh. ePolli™ has helped its plentiful farmers reduce the cost of cultivation and increased quality and yield, through our IoT Based platform for horticulture, delivering farm-specific, crop-specific, crop-stage specific, actionable advisory. We propagate sustainable agriculture and our solution impacts the social, economic, and environmental facets, hence making a big impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Junaed has played a vital role in launching an Agricultural e-commerce platform in Bangladesh in 2019 and has worked extensively to ensure the growth of the Agro e- commerce market in Bangladesh. He is a skilled pastoral Agro e-commerce logistics worker. he has a strong belief that the potential of the Agro commerce industry in the country is enormous and can be discovered in such a way that Bangladesh will lead a model mark in the global food market.

Mohammad Nazmul Ahsan

Consultant, Digital Polli

Entrepreneurial-spirited, pioneering technologist with 16+ years of experience identifying, qualifying, building consensus for implementing and enabling technologies and enterprise systems that facilitate business processes and strategic objectives. Powerful blend of technology vision and business acumen results in consistent development of powerful business strategies supported by cost-effective, high-performance IT infrastructures and applications. An accomplished leader and high achiever who have extensive industry experience in Information Technology covering hands on Operations, e-commerce, IT Consultancy, Sourcing, Strategy, Planning & Management, client/vendor relationship management and financial/ operational management. A fast tracker in whole professional career, where exposed to the best practices of the organizations like BATB, Unilever, QUBEE, SAMSUNG and many more but also build a solid global perspective that has shaped the thinking for corporate, society and beyond. Remarkable leadership experience managing multiple cross-functional teams and product development and sourcing experience includes: UK, USA, Malaysia and China.

Mohammad Fazlullah Hasan

Consultant, Digital Polli

Mohammad Fazlullah Hasan is self-propelled, imaginative and flexible expert. He was born in January, 1982 at Feni, Bangladesh. He completed his Post Graduation from the University of Dhaka in 2005. He was a student of literature. In 2007 he started his professional journey as a supervisor of a gov’t project in mass education. He involved himself in teaching profession for a short period of time. He is currently working as a lecturer in an educational institution. He has a great deal of knowledge of literature. He is currently working as an Admin & HR Manager in a reputed E-commerce company in Bangladesh and also Head of operations in “” which is a renowned gov’t E-commerce platform. “” is working for rural small women entrepreneurs. Currently He is a Consultant of Digital Polli; a combined initiative by BPC, Bangladesh Commerce Ministry and e-CAB. He has been working in content management for many years. Through his long time experiences he is an expert at Microcredit-financing. He is a versatile leader with the experience of managing multiple cross-functional teams and product development and sourcing experiences includes: India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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